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Love Battle #6

It's time for a new challenge:

->Icon Challenge
->Theme Challenge


You have to make blue icons.
Not only the color, you can also go with the mood.
If you choose the color, it doesn't mean your icons can't have no other color.
Just make sure blue is the main color.

-you can submit up to three icons
-icons have to be LJ-standard, 100x100, not more than 40kb big
-animation is allowed
-you can use brushes or textures as you like
-don't submit an old icon, create something new
-post your entries in a comment to this post, with img src and url please, comments will be screened
-don't show your icon anywhere else until the winners are announced

Deadline: TBA

Have fun!

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Layout challenge voting

Finally! The Voting.

- Vote for ONE favourite header
- Vote for 3 icons in order of preference
- Don't vote for yourself and please don't make others vote for you!
- Vote in a comment to this post, all comments will be screened
- You do not have to be a member, or a participant to vote
- Deadline: Saturday, october, 21st (midnight GMT)

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Layout challenge - still no voting

Sorry for the long delay. My PC died last week...

But there's still no voting for the Layout challenge.
We have only one person entering. That's not enough for a nice voting.

It's sad and I don't want to do this, but maybe we should go on hiatus or close the community if there is no interest at all.

So this is my question:
Is there anybody out there who is willing to enter something for this challenge?